WoWE is creating tangible and actionable output to drive lasting change for women and girls and the communities they empower. Our financial engineering of gender lens investment products aims to combine market rate financial and impact returns.

On October 2019, WoWE and UN Women co-hosted an SDG Gender Lens Financial Engineering Workshop

Participants included data aggregators, index developers, financial product developers, asset managers and owners. The group co-developed solutions that address challenges including optimal gender data collection; scoring methodologies; and effective collaboration across the financial sector. Participants identified data sets, developed scoring methodologies and prototyped Gender Lens Investment (“GLI”) products:

Government Scoring Methodology


Prototype comprehensive global aggregate bond index.
Develop gender lens global Aggregate Bond Index.

Key Insights

There is no scoring in the market evaluating government products with gender lens thus limiting proper GLI portfolio construction

Following Step

Collaborate with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) to develop a country-level gender lens scoring methodology against which public debt products can be rated.

Identify data to develop a scoring methodology that incorporates the five key indicators identified by the CHIP XX Factor Framework including legal rights; education; health; economic empowerment; and personal safety.



Prototype a comprehensive global aggregate bond index combining existing scoring methodologies (e.g. corporates) and those that are yet to be developed (e.g. governments).

Create a Gender Lens Global Aggregate Bond Index to give investors a benchmark for holistic GL asset allocation and product developers a basis to create next generation of liquid GLI products.

Key Insights

Investors want outcome-based scores; broader ESG screens, framework to score sub-nationals.

Following Step

Develop scoring for government, state and municipal debt.

Identify a large data provider who has non-GL index that would source data from partners.

Identify home for the GL Global Aggregate Index.

Company Scoring


Develop company scoring methodology/system to mobilize capital for GLI.

Key Insights

Supplemental indicators beyond women in leadership is necessary to deepen the GLI opportunity set.

Following Step

Collaborate with data aggregators to develop additional criteria for screening in categories including: equal compensation and work-life balance; policies promoting gender equality; friendliness of products/services for women and supply chain equity.



Design equity index that will fit easily into current portfolio models.

Key Insights

Some existing products meet impact standards but are not marketed as GLI funds.

Following Step

WoWE and As You Sow co-hosted a webinar on January 23rd 2020 on identifying funds, ETFs, and tools for growing your public markets gender lens investment (GLI) portfolio.

Develop new approach to marketing GLI products and highlight intersectionality of GLI with other sustainability themes.



The Secret to Correcting Wall Street’s Biggest Blindspot

Impact Investing Needs a New Endowment Model: Part 1, Investing

“Impact investing” may be a relatively new term, describing a philosophy of generating positive financial returns and driving positive social and environmental outcomes, but the concept of investing to drive social change has a long history.


But Gender Equity In Public Markets Continues To Lag; Can Change Be Deeper And Faster?

Private Markets Theory of Change

In May 2020, WoWE hosted a virtual workshop to focus on the state of gender lens private markets investing, informed by the progress made as well as the exciting opportunity to co-create for a post COVID-19 future.

Focus on our Partner: The Tara Health Foundation

The Tara Health Foundation has been a crucial partner and supporter of WoWE and its ongoing support and partnership are critical factors to our success.

Spotlight On Our Partners : As You Sow and Equileap

WoWE is working with partners to disrupt the GLI landscape by influencing pools of capital in favor of women and girls and the communities they empower. Our partners include investors with mission alignment extending beyond GLI.

Public Markets Theory Of Change

WoWE seeks to demonstrate that the power of capital can tip markets in favor of women and girls and the community they empower. WoWE has a unique opportunity to support the consolidation that is essential to scale GLI in public markets through several key initiatives.

Post COVID-19 - The Gender-Equal World That Should Be!

It is true that the world is living through a collision of four major negative forces – a global pandemic, a financial crisis, climate related challenges as well as physical and non-physical conflicts. For most of us, COVID-19, has put into clear focus the magnitude of challenges that people and the planet now face.

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