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Kyte is an online car rental platform empowering car-free living with access to vehicles on demand. It aggregates unused vehicle inventory from existing fleets, delivers cars directly to rental customers and cleans and refuels the vehicle for no additional fee. Kyte is the first rental company to offer door-to-door delivery service on both ends of the customer’s trip. The company’s mission is to offer the best car rental experience for consumers by developing the safety, affordability, and efficiency of car renting.

Why We Invested

WoWE is a co-investor in Kyte’s Series A round through Urban Innovation Fund. Kyte’s innovative business model leapfrogs the booming ride-sharing sector while simultaneously promoting better climate outcomes (you no longer need to own a car), and better gender safety outcomes (they’ll bring the car to you and pick it up). This investment allows WoWE to contribute to improving the lives of women who will have a more convenient, safe, and affordable car renting experience.

Impact Sector: Climate
Deal Type: Co-Investment
Region: US

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