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Our belief is that who allocates capital determines the purpose of capital, which drives our focus on large-scale systems change through gender diverse capital allocation.

Women of the World Endowment (WoWE) was created with a bold vision—build a $5B endowment, over 10 years to centralize the role of women as economic, environmental, and social changemakers who are creating a high growth future.

As an investment nonprofit we are laser-focused on delivering market rate returns, maximizing impact outcomes, and accelerating the capital markets to realize the potential of investing in “What If?” moonshot ideas.

Invest through WoWE by donating to our 100% mission-aligned endowment, growing the amount that can be invested in for-profit and nonprofits impact returns. Co-invest with WoWE by participating in our transaction syndications in our private market or grant portfolios, thereby creating efficiencies and scaling impact. Learn from WoWE by reaching out to our Advisory team about what your organization can do to benefit from gender diverse investing.

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