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We’re investing in sustainable communities & economies by centralizing women in solving our biggest challenges.

Women of the World Endowment (WoWE) was created with a bold vision—build a $5B endowment, over the next 10 years, to centralize the role of women as economic, environmental, and social changemakers who are creating a high growth future. 

We believe in building meaningful systems to create a healthier and wealthier world. We know that our work can only scale with the support of our champions, friends and networks. 

Every donation is an investment that enables us to stay laser-focused on delivering market rate returns, maximizing impact outcomes, and accelerating the capital markets to realize the potential of investing in “What If?” moonshot ideas. 

A Virtuous Circle

WoWE catalyzes paths to sustainable solutions, communities and capital markets that equally include women.

100% of our for-profit and nonprofit investments seek opportunities with maximum, scalable impact that: (i) centralize women as changemakers, (ii) catalyze systems-level change through addressing upstream opportunities and tackling root causes and (iii) create connections to capital markets, harnessing the power of markets to drive transformational and resilient impact. 

The XX Edge: Unlocking Higher Returns and Lower Risk

Seasoned executives and investors Patience Marime-Ball and Ruth Shaber demonstrate the new paradigm where women are at the center of investing as agents and actors—not just as beneficiaries.

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Women of the World Endowment is an investment nonprofit focused on centralizing women as economic, environmental, and social changemakers while delivering market-rate, risk adjusted returns and impact at scale.

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