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Urban Innovation Fund (UIF) is a venture capital firm that invests in high-growth startups enhancing the livability, sustainability, and economic vitality of cities. UIF provides seed capital and regulatory support to entrepreneurs who are solving today’s toughest urban challenges. The firm is led by Clara Brenner and Julie Lein who have a proven track record of investing in diverse teams.

Why We Invested

With 81% of Americans living in cities, and two-thirds of the world’s population urbanizing by 2050, scalable solutions are needed to safeguard challenges that are faced by urban dwellers. WoWE’s investments in UIF II and III contribute to the innovation and scalability of these solutions while investing at the intersection of gender and social impact. UIF is delivering strong impact outcomes in climate change mitigation, economic opportunity, and education. Over half of founding team members and boards of companies that we invest in with UIF are women or people of color.

Impact Sector: Climate, Economic Opportunity, Data & Technology, Education
Deal Type: Venture Capital
Region: US

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