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WoWE’s public markets portfolio consists of fixed-income and single-name securities that have been carefully selected using our gender-focused investment approach that is optimized for both financial and impact returns. We use our portfolios to continuously learn and collect insights to build the gender-diverse investing field and inform the development of new products and strategies.

Our single-name securities are selected using the Ethos ESG Direct Indexing Optimizer tool. This tool maximizes our portfolio’s impact through selected impact screening of securities topped with a traditional indexed investment methodology. The portfolio incorporates two sub-portfolios that use different gender-focused approaches.

  • The Corpus portfolio screens for gender which is layered by a three-tier evaluation process to demonstrate the effect of a gender + ESG engagement strategy on financial performance. The portfolio includes companies that are highly rated on gender equality and screened for proximity to harm to harmful industries and practices, specifically fossil fuels, deforestation, tobacco, weapons, prisons, and alcohol.
  • The XX Edge portfolio follows a gender-only strategy. This portfolio aims to demonstrate the investment performance of the top securities rated on gender equality. Securities are screened for metrics, including equal pay, equal opportunity, violence against women, sex trafficking, women’s rights, and LGBTQ equality.

WoWE also invests in fixed-income assets that pass our gender equality screen and align with our investment strategy.

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