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Ethos is a FinTech software platform whose aim is to make ESG data easy and accessible for investors, financial advisors, fund & wealth managers, financial institutions, and corporations investing in causes with transformative impact. Ethos transforms ESG data collected from both private and public data sets into standardized ratings across 45 different causes to assess over 7,000 companies and over 5,000 funds, offering a streamlined, consistent, and user-friendly mechanism for customers to assess their portfolios and impact performance. Such causes include gender equality, environmental controversies, and LBGTQ+ equality. Ethos ESG believes that how we invest our money reflects the world we aspire to see. Their work allows for all people to be able to understand the impact of the investments they make and companies they engage with.

Why We Invested

WoWE has developed a gender intersectional investment strategy to influence the growth of capital investing with women actors at the center of solutions to today’s pressing challenges. We participate in the building of learning tools that we, and other investors, use for “do-no-harm” portfolio construction. WoWE has been using Ethos’ data to inform our investment making process since 2021. Ethos ESG’s data platform allows for WoWE to evaluate all possible investments using an intersectional approach. Utilizing Ethos ESG, WoWE is able to screen all investments for tobacco, weapons, prison involvement, alcohol, environmental controversies and fossil fuels. This process ensures that WoWE can invest at the intersection of gender and the most challenging problems of our time, including climate, health, education, and other key social issues. 

Impact Sector: Data & Technology
Deal Type: Direct Investment
Region: US

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