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The Intersection of Gender and Climate: How Women in Agribusiness are Shaping the Climate Conversation in Africa

Climate change-related disasters are accelerating. Demand-side mitigation and risk management opportunities are also becoming more exciting with significant potential if women are centralized as solution drivers. The agricultural sector represents 18.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Women play significant roles in agriculture, particularly in Africa where they grow 70% of the continent’s food. Women are well-positioned to build solutions that can increase food security, reduce the impact of climate change, and improve livelihoods for everyone. Pooja Eppanapally, WoWE’s Investment Manager, sits down with Mandy Nyarko, General Partner of Future Impact Ventures, and Lesley Ndlovu, CEO of African Risk Capacity, to discuss African women’s leadership in climate change mitigation.

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Education through Solidarity and Intersectionality

Organizations like buildOn take a multifaceted approach to support their communities, including providing wrap-around services that create effective change from literacy to financial opportunity to (ultimately) community growth. buildOn wants to see a world where every boy and girl has a seat in school in all buildOn partner countries and wants to increase graduation rates by 50% in all buildOn partner cities in the US. Maurice Muchene, Vice President of Business Development of buildOn and Pooja Eppanapally, Investment Manager at Women of the World Endowment discuss education through solidarity and intersectionality.

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Advancing Health Equity

Niesha N. Foster, Pfizer’s Vice President, Product Access, Global Health & Social Impact, is driving forward a world in which patients, no matter their economic status, healthcare insurance, ethnicity, or zip code, are at the center of our healthcare system. Tune in to her conversation with Patience Marime-Ball, CEO of Women of the World Endowment to discuss partnerships, strategies, and measuring success to advance health equity.

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Inclusion, Innovation, and Impact: An untapped opportunity for investors to effect real change and strong returns

Patience Marime-Ball, CEO and Founder of Women of the World Endowment and Bahiyah Robinson, CEO of VC Include consider how to bring venture capital, diversity, and impact together to expand investment opportunities for diverse asset managers, empower organizations to utilize diversity as a driver for success, and change capital markets.

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