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Fostering Equity and Diversity in HealthTech Venture Capital

Tara Bishop and Eileen Tanghal recognized that bringing together the knowledge, practices, and diverse thinking of healthcare and technology can be transformational. They founded Black Opal Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in companies finding innovative solutions to the healthcare industry’s unsolved problems, including uncured and unmanaged disease, lack of access to care, poor quality and medical errors, health disparities, and unsustainable costs. Black Opal is committed to supporting diverse founders, increasing diversity on boards and management teams, and improving health outcomes for diverse populations.

Pooja Eppanapally, WoWE’s Investment Manager, sits down with Dr. Tara Bishop and Eileen Tanghal, General Partners of Black Opal Ventures, to discuss the opportunity for HealthTech investing, the importance of advancing health equity, and approaches to bridging the gender gap in venture capital.


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