Women and girls are key ACTORS for a sustainable future

Women and girls are key ACTORS for a sustainable future 150 150 charlotte

“Investing in the success of women and girls by shifting financial systems to fully include them is our best opportunity to build a sustainable future for humanity”

Women and girls are key ACTORS for a sustainable future

By Patience Marime-Ball

I recently had the pleasure of being in conversation with Monique Aiken for The Reconstruction Podcast. This gave me the opportunity to walk listeners through the story of how investing in and through women will result in a better future for all.

I spoke about the need to change the narrative from women as beneficiaries to women as drivers of solutions, or Changemakers as I like to call them. Women who can lead extraordinary change if their control over capital matches their talent contributions. Investing in the success of women and girls by shifting financial systems to fully include them is our best opportunity to build a sustainable future for humanity. 

We spoke about nurses, who were largely responsible for any wall that existed between patients and the pandemic. More than three-quarters of nursing staff globally are women. 

“What if 76% of healthcare budgets were actually allocated through the sensibility of 76% of their staff, who happen to be female?” I asked. “Now, that kind of thinking is what we fuel with our capital. It’s what we want to invest into.” Our aim is to invest in women as drivers of change, women who are doing the frontline work. Why don’t we give them the power to be full participants in the innovation and capital allocation that fuels those areas of all communities and all in our world?

Women of the World Endowment has a 10-year goal to raise a $5 billion endowment.  “[Patience] is making the non-profit a demonstration of the performance of a 100% mission-aligned portfolio,” said ImpactAlpha. And we are doing this uniquely. Our strategy is to invest from the endowment by backing women as investors, leaders and entrepreneurs, and in companies that benefit women and girls, while at the same time generating returns on capital invested, across both private and public markets. By doing so we are demonstrating that backing women need not be a trade-off of financial returns and in fact is the pathway to both strong returns and impact.

With gratitude and best wishes for good health,

Patience Marime-Ball
Founder and CEO of Women of the World Endowment

Investing the WoWE Endowment for Impact and Returns
A Public Markets Portfolio Generating Returns and Impact

As of May 31, 2021, our public markets portfolio has seen strong returns of 33.1% since investing commenced in April, 2020. In addition to profit, WoWEs investment strategy is also enabling a positive impact in the lives of women, girls and their communities. By using the Ethos platform which provides scoring for investments on key impact areas such as gender equality, racial justice, climate change, etc we measure the impact return of WoWE endowment dollars. As of May 2021, WoWE’s investments were achieving an “A” or “B” rating for causes across 16 UN SDGs.

Urban Innovation Fund

Electriphi, a California-based provider of charging management and fleet monitoring software for electric vehicles and an investee company of the Urban Innovation Fund (UIF) in which WoWE is an investor, has been exited to Ford. WoWE chose to invest in the UIF GP team, founded by two women, because of their commitment to investing in businesses with a strategic focus on diversity.  Electriphi is a strong demonstration of that strategy. Read more about what the women at Electriphi have said about their work environment here

Investing in Women-led Businesses

WoWE invests via the CNote Promise Account in the economic prosperity of financially underserved communities. Promise Account funds are deployed across a network of mission aligned lenders to grow the available deposit base for low income and BIPOC groups of which a high percentage are women. In 2020 CNote partner, Optus Bank, provided $39.5 million in loans to nearly 700 small business servicing underserved areas, many of which were provided to minority- or women-owned businesses or businesses in low-income communities.

WoWE News

Women’s Index: Developing a Tool for Aligning Financial Investments with Gender Equity
In 2020, WoWE partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy (“CHIP”) identifying an opportunity to develop a gender focused scoring methodology to rate government debt. The results of our work can be found in the recently published report which lays the foundation for WoWE to partner with an index developer to create the first sovereign gender-informed scorecard that will advance how governments invest in physical and non-physical infrastructure that enables women and girls to thrive.

WoWE CEO and Founder Patience Marime-Ball recently sat down  for The Reconstruction Podcast to talk about driving change by changing who controls the capital. Read more and listen to the podcast here.

Impact investing leaders Patience Marime-Ball, WoWE CEO and Founder, Jennifer Kenning, CEO and co-founder Align Impact, and Rehana Nathoo, CEO and founder Spectrum Impact recently sat down for a roundtable with Institutional Investor to offer their perspectives on the imperatives for ESG investing strategies for family offices and RIAs, as well as how financial advisors should think about creating ESG strategies that meet their clients where they are. Read more here.

Perspectives from WoWE

In our latest blog, WoWE Founder and CEO Patience Marime-Ball explains why the WoWE endowment model delivers “triple bottom-line impact” and how WoWE`s goal to raise $5 billion into the endowment to harness the power of the financial markets will change the lives of women and girls.

In the latest installation of WoWE’s Changemakers Series:
Building Education Systems Fit for the 21st Century, Philippe
Sachs, Deputy CEO, Kiddo Education and Aleta Margolis,  Founder and President, Centre for Inspired Thinking, discussed what is required to build inclusive education systems to educate tomorrow’s changemakers.

The MIT motto “Mens Et Manus” or “mind to hand” speaks to bringing thoughts into practical action, which is exactly what the recent cohort of WoWE interns did through an internship focused on researching how gender intersects with climate, education, economic opportunity, and healthcare. Read more about what motivated the women to work with WoWE and what their research uncovered, as they sit down for a Changemakers discussion.

In this edition of the Changemakers, Jessica Robinson, Founder of Moxie Future and author of Financial Feminism: A Woman’s Guide to Investing in a Sustainable Future discusses the challenges women face in investing their capital and the role they can play in backing women Changemakers working to solve today’s pressing challenges.

Please support WoWE today with your donation. Help fuel our work to invest in and through women to build a better world

By donating into our Endowment you are contributing to a world that values the full potential of women and girls. There are multiple ways to support WoWE. Donations can be made here. Donor Advised Fund donations here. Gifts of securities are also welcome. You can also contribute to WoWE with your Amazon purchases. Learn more about Amazon Smiles here. Please reach out to me personally at patience@wowendowment.org to discuss co-investment opportunities.

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